Giuseppe Barone was born in 1943 and was raised in the small town of Palmi in Southern Italy. Talented at a young age he had his first one-man exhibition at 20 years old. He soon begins to show his works in a number of solo and group exhibitions as well as successfully taking part in painting and printmaking competitions. Fusing his own personal, dreamlike imagery with hints of the fauvism and expressionism, through the years, he continues to emphasise the emotional power of sinuous lines, strong brushwork and acrylic colours, capturing a mood rather than merely trying to depict the world realistically. In 1982 he moved to Florence for artistic training and personal research. He takes instruction from Master of Fine Art Ferdinando Farulli, older artist at well-known school such as  “Accademia di Belle Arti” in Florence. This school taught according to the “academic method,” which required working from live models to mixed media arts, during those years he also worked extensively in printmaking. Soon after he eventually became a teacher of engraving and etching techniques at Art School “Scuola Leonardo” of Prato. His painting style evolves as he abandons once for all the acrylic substituting it with oil paint. In 1990, Barone is commissioned by Elio Mercuri, journalist and art critic, to create a series of twelve hand-coloured etchings inspired by the poetry “Calabria” of Leonida Rèpaci; the illustrated opera titled “Calabria” , 125 unique copies printed on presses by hand,  has been published by “Grafica D’arte Lombardi” in Rome. Later in 1998 “Calabria” will participate at the World Festival of Illustrated Poetry held in Villefranche-sur-mer. His work—initially figurative—becomes more fluid and energetic, and yet despite his radical approach to colour and form Barone’s subjects are often traditional: naturalistic volcanic landscapes and seabeds, places and imagery that are inspired from his provenience’s place. In 1997 he’s selected to take part of an international collective exhibition “Rencontres Internazionales” at Palais de L’Europe in Menton (FR), and not long after the gallery Haig-Art & Associès of Nice (FR) organises for him a solo exhibition. Same year he exhibits both at Comune di Viareggio (Tuscany) and at prestigious “Arte Fiera” in Bologna. In the years that followed he continues his exhibition activity attending to numerous venues such as “Sala Napoleonica” in Pistoia, “Palazzo della Provincia” in Messina, “Scuderie Borbone” in Camaiore, Caffé Pedrocchi in Padova and at Istitute of Culture “Casa Cini” in Ferrara. In 2001 produces one of his major works titled “Concerto”, a large scale canvas 150×300, and donates it to Arcispedale Sant’ Anna through Quadreria Arte Contemporanea ”Renzo Melotti” in Ferrara. Barone keeps on exhibiting his works at several solo shows; in 2002 at “Cassero Medievale” in Prato and at “Sala delle Grasce” di S.Agostino in Pietrasanta. In 2003 exhibits in Florence at “Galleria Via Larga” , in Pisa at Chiesa di S.Maria della Spina and again in Florence at Salone Brunelleschi del Palagio di Parte Guelfa. In 2004 attends a solo exhibition in Villa Caruso Bellosguardo di Firenze and wins the first price at Premio per la grafica in Pontedera. In 2008 shows his large canvasses and mixed-media works on paper at Galleria Dell’Uva in Ferrara. Today he works in Tuscany where he currently resides.